Greetings!  I am Jeanee Patton – the proud owner of All Things PASTAble & More, LLC.  I am a 70’s baby with a love for timeless music and amazing food.  It's no wonder as I hail from the great state of Louisiana; home to Mardi Gras, Cajun & Creole cuisine, all that Jazz and so much more!

I come from a family of incredible cooks!  As a child while my siblings were playing, I had a front row seat to the many Master Classes taught by my grandmothers.  Soul Food Sundays and holiday dinners that brought us all together in love were nothing short of magic!  It was that magic that lit and fuel an internal fire in my young soul to carry on their tradition of creating delectable masterpieces!

We offer a wide array of delicious food and desserts to satisfy the most picky palate.  We use fresh ingredients to offer a large selection in Plain Jane, Chic & Classy, and Grown & Sexy flavored cakes.  Now you’re probably wondering what does all that mean?  Well, Plain Jane cakes are your more traditional flavors such as chocolate, butter, and vanilla.  Chic & Classy are the more decadent and gourmet flavored cakes such as the Red Velvet, Hummingbird, Strawberry Lemonade and German Chocolate.  Now, my favorites are the Grown & Sexy!  These cakes are infused with alcoholic beverages such as Fuzzy Navel, Hennessy, Cîroc, and Mudslide. You can think of it as Happy Hour without the glass. We also offer cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, brownies, pound cakes, and pies.

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My Story

The name of my business came to me as I was going through a rough spell in my life..  Hey, we all have been there. If not, keep living as the old folks say. 

This Bible verse kept coming to me as if it was a record set on repeat.  I soon realized there was a connection with this Bible verse and the business idea God had planted in my spirit. 

So many of my family members kept encouraging to sell my pasta, because it's 🔥🔥🔥.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.......and that was the day All Things PASTAble & More was born!

I'm so excited about my new business venture.  I've learned that it's all in HIS timing.  To God be the Glory!



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.